Report Adviser
is designed for:

First-time reporters

who are facing challenges to report in accordance with leading standards or frameworks

Sustainability specialists

who manage sustainability data and wish to effectively organize data flow in the company

CSR senior professionals

who require specific examples and tips on how to disclose indicators or reporting principles

Sustainability executives

who are concerned with CSR team efficiency and correspondence with best-in-class solutions

Innovative reporting

Report Generator

All reporting stages and tasks in one interactive platform. It provides step-by-step guidance, recommendations on report structuring, assistance in materiality mapping, predefines set of disclosures (taking into account sectoral origin), handles custom and uploaded data.

Online Support

Hands-on assistance from experienced CSR and sustainability professionals. Provides comprehensive advice and detailed recommendations to each request, helps to navigate through sustainability issues, clarifies international requirements and helps to implement them in practice.

Reporting Frameworks

Key international reporting frameworks including Directive 2014/95/EU and GRI Standards – structured, explained, all in one place.

Best-in-class Examples

Demonstrations of each indicator or principle disclosures from best-in-class reports – sorted by country and sector.

Useful Tips

Specific tips for each indicator or principle disclosure - how to avoid mistakes, input relevant information, and present data.

Report Adviser
team leaders:

Rolf Schwery

Executive Director of Schwery Consulting, GRI Trainer

“As a certified GRI trainer and a consultancy team leader I am asked to conduct series of trainings as soon as Global Reporting Initiative launches new type of standard or a client is planning to report in accordance with international framework. It is always extremely difficult to provide participants with complex understanding of how the GRI Standards family works during several days of seminars. As soon as CSR professionals start to “dig deep” and actually prepare the report, they face a whole new level of questions and problems, that they were not even aware of during the training.

We find it crucial to provide specialists with access to theoretical knowledge and practical experience, best recommendations and examples not only during limited training time, but all the way through reporting process. And consultancy support should be easily accessible, specific, and affordable for all kinds of companies. This is how we started to work on idea that has now became Report Adviser.

Welcome to the new reporting ecosystem that is centered on your needs, questions, and problematic issues!”


Head of Reporting Services, Schwery Consulting

“During last 12 years our consultancy team helped to prepare many non-financial, integrated, and annual reports. Over time it became obvious that when it comes to reporting, majority of sustainability specialists encounters very similar problematic issues.

For instance, specialists do not have access to reliable knowledge base that can help them improve reporting process. There is a lot of information online, but it is usually not specific enough, not relevant enough or even not accurate enough. Many international frameworks as well as their guidelines are quite general, leaving much space for interpretation or doubts. And sometimes it is just hard for professionals to find clear answer to their very specific question.

For years we have been solving these issues with consulting services. But now the time has come to gather our best solutions and present it in a systematic way – through web-based ecosystem. It will be able to help professionals from all over the world, taking reporting process to a new level.”

5 Reasons to choose
Report Adviser:


Find detailed explanations of key international standards and reporting requirements


Navigate through complex data within intuitive and user-friendly web-platform


Study benchmarks, trends, best reporting practices, and much more personalized content


Follow step-by-step guidance and create your own sustainability report from scratch


Take advantages of the hands-on online support from experienced sustainability professionals